Graphic department

The Graphic Department nurtures and produces a traditional way with all its values, which is the basis of graphic thinking, including technology in graphics. Not excluding modern aproach to graphics. The graduate study program at the Graphics Department is based on the development of personal visual expressions and new creative models and presentations. It includes innovative approaches to the use of graphics technology and work processes. General characteristics and personalities of graphic expression, applied technology in high, deep, flat and permeable printing techniques. The whole course is intercommunicative, but the student work is independent research. The aim of the curriculum starts drawing, implying that such a method of work will enable gradual overcoming of relevant drawing problems which will ultimately result in readiness of students to engage in more creative and technologically more complex processes in the Graphics Section. Students, however, start with a variety of artistic experiences from a variety of environments with uneven awareness and graphics presentation where the character and specificity of studies and charts are most clearly explained. By the general program basics, besides the explanation of the specificity of graphic art, drawing expression, where drawing in the third semester has the character of a general drawing approach as in other sections. Because of the overall diversity of student experience, drawing has frontal teaching elements on the first drawing problems. At the 7th and 9th semesters, students are free to devote adequate resources to specific graphic disciplines, thus focusing more on the increasingly formative character of artistic work, with the aim of enabling and developing the awareness of the phenomenon and responsibility of an artistic and creative act, greater independence and the taking of a creative initiative students in the realization of a graphic project. Students are expected to set up personal art work in a wider cultural context and in relation to social and ethical issues. We will especially emphasize the creation of a complete liberal approach where students in their work often interfere with traditional and modern graphic techniques . So connect a deep, high, flat and permeable print on the same graphic sheet. This makes one specific feature in the Department of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg.

Full Professor Igor Dragičević,
Senior Assistant Antonija Gudelj,
Senior Assistant Darko Dugandžić.

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